OLANREWAJU BADRU - Founder / Principal Consultant

Olanrewaju Badru is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Tutelage Educational Services, a conglomerate founded in a coordinated effort to improve the educational system and industry by responding to global educational changes.


He holds first and second degrees from the University of Lagos in Educational Administration and Planning. He is also a Certified International Montessori Trainer accredited by Macte Montessori, United States of America.


Olanrewaju Badru has a combined experience in education of over twenty years as an educator, researcher, consultant and strategist. As an advocate of excellence in educational practices and professionalism, he has authored a book entitled, “Paradigm Shift for Teachers”, a transformational tool that will revolutionize through the teachers to achieve our desired educational system.


He is a Performance Coach, and a Fellow with Mabysgold Training Network. He has mentored/coached many teachers, who now are making powerful decisions and impact in their careers.