A perfect definition of a Home Governor or Governess is a form of Tutelage Home Teacher service, whereby the tutor live-in the home for a certain periods of the days of the service rendered to the students. Note that the service here is hundred percent academic and educational. Perhaps, given the current school closures due covid-19, many parents are now thinking of adopting home schooling. Tutelage Home Governance service is per excellence when it comes to administering home schooling that afford your child the academic progression expected.

We provide a reliable and consistent service...

…in a happy, secure, and stimulating environment for your school.

The children are introduced to a variety of activities, which are planned to stimulate and encourage skills development as well as to teach them to teamwork with each other at home, school, and play.

The programme delivers fun, creative, and stimulating activities which reflect the interests and choices of the children in our care.

Edmonds, Washington State, USA --- African American father helping son with homework --- Image by © Andersen Ross/Blend Images/Corbis

Demand for home schooling is higher than ever now...

...and Tutelage Home Governance has variety of international curricula that can help discover the unique potentials of every pupil/student raging from preschool, primary and secondary education.

When it comes to your children education at home, Tutelage Home Governors and Governess are thoroughly screened and taken through professional certificate course to become qualified household educators. We only work candidates who originally is a qualified teacher with usually a minimum of degree level education

We plan to be in every state in Nigeria.

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Our contracts is designed to last many years...

...our values for excellence and professionalism drive us to believe that listening to our clients’ needs is what really sets us apart from our competitors. We are committed to understanding individual client requirements before finding the ideal Governance Tutors.