Tutelage Educational Services helps in starting up a new school of your dream in line with NPE and the international standard. We will guide by hands during and after the many stages of starting the school – from the idea stage to opening the doors and beyond. We support the individuals, companies, organizations to establish and set-up schools.

We tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients. Our school startup services include:

If you haven’t already conducted a feasibility study, we will conduct one for you. Our feasibility study will include a comprehensive analysis of the market SWOT and help you make sound decisions.


We will source and order furniture, equipment, curriculum materials and supplies to meet your educational and budgetary requirements.

We design high-impact branding, marketing and public relations campaigns. Let us create a buzz about your new school!

Based on your vision and mission, we will develop admission policies and procedures to fill your school with the students you want.

To ensure smooth operation, we prepare policies and procedures for students, parents, faculty and staff. We will work with school leaders and teachers to develop annual and daily schedules that support your mission and programs.

The success of a school depends primarily on the ability of the faculty and staff to work together as a team. We help you recruit team players and provide expert assistance in developing high-performing, collaborative faculty and staff teams.


Hiring teachers can be a challenging task. Of course, that applies to all professions. But, for teachers, there’s an extra burden: they’re the ones who largely determine whether children will love or hate school, they’re responsible for teaching them valuable skills, and they have a huge impact on your school’s overall reputation.

Our recruitment service is of two types: onsite recruitment and offsite recruitment. Note that this service is at no cost to your school. With our Standardized Test, Micro Teaching, Oral and Written Interview, and occasionally assist the applicants to be upgraded before they become employable.


We plan to be in every state in Nigeria.

Join thousands of Tutors and earn hassle free!



We co-ordinate and offer all through the year, a range of professional development packages for schools and organisations. Our experience comes from over 15 years of designing, applying and adapting teaching and learning strategies in classrooms. How a teacher will inspire students to innovate, create and problem-solve. Showing teacher how to have a growth mindset and becoming a learner, a collaborator and a change maker.

Preparing teachers to be generationally savvy and expose them to strategies and skills they need to ensure they can work with Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y colleagues while teaching Gen Zs and Gen Alphas.