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Learn by doing

Tutelage Service Excellence in Teaching is a Certificate Professional Diploma in Education. It is an accredited 10-week teacher training course designed to meet the growing demand for quality training in 21st century teaching profession skillsets.


Through a partnership between Tutelage Educational Services and Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka, we are able to combine T-SET’s expertise and leadership to create a course that meets the unique needs of teaching professionals throughout the country, Nigeria.


Tuty-Schools and Tuty-Teachers

Enjoy 50% discount over all trainings: Training fee training manual/materials, and certificate;
(including the online training).


Beyond The Books

T-SET is designed for current and aspiring teachers who have no or little teaching background, as well as for  experienced teachers who wish to upgrade or update their knowledge and skills based on the latest teaching methodologies and emerging trends in the field of education.

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