Before we get ahead of ourselves,
we want to welcome you to TES.

At Tutelage Educational Services Limited (TES), we pride ourselves as specialists in the provision of educational services, models and tools. We have championed our services as the key component in the establishment of sustainability within the educational system through our wealth of experience and professionalism.

We started operations in 2005 in Lagos, Nigeria. We have built strong credibility and trust with several of our clients. Our clients cut across individual, corporate and government entities.

TES is founded on the improving achievement through research, program, evaluation, customized professional development principles and continuous improvement models.

We are striving to be the major player in the education industry by providing 21st century solutions to our clients’ needs. We cover a broad range of activities required to harness both individual and institution’s potentials through developing their human capital. This has resulted into implementation of various subsidiaries.

To create value and optimum educational enrichment to all educational stakeholders.

To connect families, schools and organizational institutes in a coordinated effort to improve the educational system and industry through quality educational services by responding to global educational changes


We plan to be in every state in Nigeria.

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What Trainees’ are Saying

What we do best?

We offer a wide range of educational services to organizations, schools, families, and individuals.
Our clients enjoy TUTELAGE proven finesse in conducting interactive, result-oriented programs and quality service delivery. You will also benefit from the in-depth concepts and ideas.

We are steadily expanding in coverage. Presently we cut across various zones of the Lagos & Ibadan metropolis with plans to extend our reach even beyond the state in the nearest future.

1. School Leadership Evaluation and Empowerment
2. School Personnel Evaluation and Empowerment
3. Curriculum Courses for Pre-schools to Secondary Schools.
4. School Management and Customer Loyalty Service
5. The Nuts and Bolts of School Start-Up and Marketing
6. School Resource and Curriculum Books
7. Coaching and Mentoring Programmes for Educators